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Popsible 為專注於區塊鏈應用技術及線上線下營銷策略之公司,是亞洲領先及首個接受法定貨幣交易「實體數碼融合內容」的 NFT 平台,並首推 NFT 應用於環境、社會及企業管治(ESG) 相關的慈善籌款及社區服務單位支援的 NFT Marketplace。創立目的是為通過區塊鏈技術,建構一個東方藝術文化,讓更多人能夠體驗「元宇宙」世界。 Popsible is a company focusing on blockchain application technology and online to offline marketing strategies. It is Asia's leading and first NFT platform that accepts fiat currency transactions for trading "fusion of physical and digital content". It is also the first to promote NFT applications in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related charitable fundraising and NFT Marketplace supported by community service units. The aim of its establishment is to build an oriental art culture through blockchain technology, which allows more people to experience the "Metaverse". 本著作採用創用CC「姓名標示 + 非商業用途 + 禁止改作」 詳細授權說明:本授權條款為僅允許使用者在下載此的著作之後,依原狀態分享出去。 使用者必須按照Popsible原創發行方正式的用戶名稱,表彰作者的姓名及Popsible相關網址,但不得對著作進行任何方式的改變,或為商業目的之使用。 This work adopts the Creation CC "Name Marking + Non-Commercial Use + Prohibited Modification" Detailed License Notes: This license is intended to allow the holder of this NFT to share the work as its original form after downloading it. The holder must state the name of the creator and the corresponding website address of this NFT in accordance to the information officially stated at Popsible.com, but shall not change it in any way or use it for commercial proposes.
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