Mr. Eric Chan


CreatorWorld Green Organisation

ESG初創企業加速器計劃演示日於8月28日在香港會議展覽中心舉行。在世界綠色組織及數碼港攜手推出的ESG初創企業加速器計畫期間,9間初創企業包括NOT ONLY POWDER、 Salvaged Limited、Tanbii、alfred24 Technologie、1Source、Hive、OneCHARGE、Popsible、Re³和ESG領域的專家和行業領袖一起交流,學習ESG的最佳實踐和趨勢,並獲得反饋和建議,以推動企業的發展和應用。 在演示日,活動由余遠騁博士、蕭文瀚先生、陳思源先生共同揭開序幕。隨後,共有9家初創企業來自不同領域,如雲端儲存服務、智能物流、食品升級回收、金融科技及EV充電解決方案等,分別有8-10分鐘的時間向國際投資者、潛在客戶和合作夥伴展示他們的項目創新性和願景。 這些初創企業詳細介紹了自己的產品,解釋了產品的功能、特點和優勢,能夠迅速了解產品的價值和應用。此外,他們還介紹了自己的商業模式,即如何從產品或服務中獲得收益,能夠看到初創企業的商業價值和發展潛力。此外,這些初創企業也與其他初創企業和投資者互動,分享經驗和建立合作關係。這樣的交流和合作將有助於創建一個更具可持續性和責任感的商業生態系統。這些初創企業的努力和創新將對ESG領域的發展和應用帶來重大的影響和貢獻。這些初創企業來自不同的領域,但都有著共同的特點,就是在其所在的領域中,通過技術創新和商業模式創新,提供了解決問題和創造價值的方案。 The Demo Day of the ESG Accelerator was held on Aug 29 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, bringing together 9 outstanding startup companies. A group of innovative participants, including 9 startups such as NOT ONLY POWDER, Salvaged Limited, Tanbii, alfred24 Technologie, 1Source, Hive, OneCHARGE, Popsible, and Re³, as well as ESG experts and industry leaders, came together to exchange ideas and learn about the best practices and trends in ESG. They received valuable feedback and advice to drive the development and application of their businesses. On Demo Day, the event was kicked off by Dr. William Yu, Mr. Herbert Siu, and Mr. Eric Chan. Subsequently, the 9 startups from various sectors, including distributed cloud storage, tech-logistics, food recycling, fintech, and EV charging services, each had 8-10 minutes to showcase the innovations and vision of their projects to international investors, potential customers, and partners. These startups provided detailed introductions of their products, explaining the functionality, features, and advantages, allowing the audience to quickly grasp the value and applications of their products. Additionally, they presented their business models, demonstrating how they generate revenue from their products or services, showcasing the commercial value and growth potential of the startups. Moreover, these startups interacted with other startups and investors, sharing experiences and building collaborative relationships. Such exchanges and collaborations contribute to creating a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem. The efforts and innovations of these startups will have a significant impact and contribution to the development and application of ESG in the field.
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