Shirley Yeung




Consultant of Popsible As an industry-leading NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace in Asia, Popsible applies fiat currency as the trading unit, and further integrates the NFT concept and blockchain technology into daily life, leading to "NFT2.0" and providing one-stop market planning and promotion services that reformed the existing NFT industry. By achieving physical and digital coexistence and combining online-to-offline product transactions, Popsible builds values for NFT artworks and plays a pivotal role in bringing the public, artists and corporates together in the NFT world. Popsible is also a pioneer in creating an ESG Zone, developing an NFT platform that connects NGOs and corporates, supports community service organizations with leading blockchain technology, and generates additional income for organizations to promote sustainable development of the community, which is eventually a new mode of charity.
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