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The Synthetic Thinker #08



卓佳香港 Tricor Hong Kong

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這三年保持社交距離,Work From Home已融入我們日常,盡顯都會生活中孤獨疏離。 都市人被繁忙的工作佔據生活,腦中不斷想着工作,但科技在這段期間仍然拉近人與人之間的距離和透過人工智能優化生活,減輕工作負擔。 大家一同暢想大自然,感受工作以外的生活吧! With social distancing measures in place in the past three years, work from home has become part of our daily routine, adding to the loneliness living an urban life. People who live in cities are so much occupied by busy work, yet technologies have help shortened the distance and keep us connected with our family and friends. In particular, artificial intelligence has helped share part of our work burdens, improve life and build a better world to live in. Let us embrace the nature and enjoy life!
創作者簡介-羅莎莎: - 自由繪畫家 抱著各種想法, 喜歡探索自然與科幻的故事 透過作畫感受生活和表達自己, 成為一個純粹的人。 - TSS助理經理, 專業人才派遣管理 Creator Introduction - Sasa Law: - A freelance painter who is always full of ideas. She loves to explore stories about the nature and science fictions. Sasa Law has a pure heart, she feels and expresses herself through painting. - Assistant Manager of TSS, PEO and Staffing Solutions 此NFT作品為卓佳香港發行,包含數碼圖片一張。 本著作採用創用CC「姓名標示 + 允許商業用途 + 禁止改作」。 詳細授權說明:本授權條款為僅允許使用者在下載此的著作之後,依原狀態分享出去。 使用者必須按照Popsible原創發行方正式的用戶名稱,表彰作者的姓名及Popsible相關網址,同時允許商業目的之使用,但不得對著作進行任何方式的改變。 This NFT work contains the image of the artwork issued by Tricor Hong Kong. This work adopts the Creative Commons license: "Attribution + Commercial Use + Prohibited Modification". Detailed License Notes: This license is intended to allow the holder of this NFT to share the work as its original form after downloading it. The holder must state the name of the creator and the corresponding website address of this NFT in accordance to the information officially stated at Popsible.com, but shall not change it in any way but have unlimited commercial rights.
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