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光歸洋紫荊 Praising the Bauhinia


ADAM Arts Creation Limited


剩餘數量: 20


The Sun illuminates the petals of the Bauhinia, reflecting the eternal and immortal sheen, guiding us towards our way to go. (attached 24cm x 33cm (with framemat) Acrylic on canvas) *Colour of the print might differ slightly from the original due to production adjustments.
創作者簡介 - 許培茜 許培茜熱愛繪畫,她認為畫畫的過程是自由、輕鬆及富挑戰性的,自由自在地塗鴉來減輕她的壓力。漫畫和宮崎駿的動畫故事啟發她的創作,特別是宮崎駿充滿了童真、幻想,又蘊含深層意義的作品,於她寂靜的世中,深深震撼她的心靈。她於中學畢業後繼續修讀平面設計及插畫課程,現正從事相關行業,積極發揮她畫畫方面的潛能。 Creator Introduction - Hui Pui Sin Hui Pui Sin enjoys painting and believes the process of painting is free, relaxing and challenging. Painting helps to relieve her pressure. Graphic novels and Hayao Miyazaki’s animated stories inspired her creation, especially Miyazaki’s works are full of innocence, fantasy and deep meaning, which intensely resonated in her soul in her silent world. After graduating from high school, she continued to study graphic design and illustration and is now involved in related industries, actively exploiting her potential in painting. 此NFT作品為藝全人創作有限公司發行,包含數碼圖片一張。 本著作採用創用CC「姓名標示 + 允許商業用途 + 禁止改作」。 詳細授權說明:本授權條款為僅允許使用者在下載此的著作之後,依原狀態分享出去。 使用者必須按照Popsible原創發行方正式的用戶名稱,表彰作者的姓名及Popsible相關網址,同時允許商業目的之使用,但不得對著作進行任何方式的改變。 This NFT work contains the image of the artwork issued by ADAM Arts Creation Limited. This work adopts the Creative Commons license: "Attribution + Commercial Use + Prohibited Modification". Detailed License Notes: This license is intended to allow the holder of this NFT to share the work as its original form after downloading it. The holder must state the name of the creator and the corresponding website address of this NFT in accordance to the information officially stated at Popsible.com. The holder shall not change it in any way but has unlimited right of commercial use.
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